Lost Worlds Funtropolous Attractions


Lost Worlds Funtrolopous offers 23,000 square feet of indoor family fun and entertainment!
We’ve got activities for every age. Scroll below to explore the possibilities for your next family outing, birthday party or group event!

Please note that adult supervision is required for children under the age of 15 for the safety of all guests.
We appreciate your cooperation!

Mega Metropolis
Softplay Area

Our multi level Super Play Structure is one of the largest in Northern California and features Wave Slides, and Super Fun Tube Slides!

Safety Socks are required.

Max height is 60 inches to play.

Arcade Games


Our state-of-the-art arcade includes the latest and greatest games and classics like 2-person Air Hockey, Prize Cranes and much more! Bring your sidekick and get your game on!

Funtropolus City Golf

Take a trip to the FUNTASTIC Funtropolous City Zoo! A SUPER-TEAM playing experience for all family members. Wander by a happy hippo, a grumpy gator, or a prehistoric dinosaur, holding secrets of the past. HUGE fun for everyone!

Little Heroes
Training Course

For babies and smaller Superheroes… Parents, you will guide your little champions through obstacles to save the day! Help assist your little Batman and Super Girl along the way to become a world rescuer!
Safety socks are required.
The fun begins at ages 3 and under for this activity. Funtropolous socks are required.

The Superheros
Training Center

Calling all Crusaders who want to save the day and show your strength! You’ll need balance, agility, coordination, endurance, and lots of courage to take on our Superheroes Training Center. Go the distance, and SAVE our world!
Safety socks are required.
All FEARLESS players must be 48 inches tall to play.

Build -A-

Take home a SUPER-FUN souvenir to remember your day of CRIME-FIGHTING adventure! Build your own superhero or animal!

Bazooka Ball

Have a SUPER blast with air cannons that launch gentle, soft foam balls at your adversaries. The DARING goal is to let you tag villainous players as you WHAM! the other team with FANTASTIC-foam balls.

Super Surfer’s
Super Slide

Escape the super villains on this Super Surfer’s Super Slide! Show them just how fast you can go by climbing up, up, and away on any side and slide over the waves!

Ages 4 and up will have a BLAST on this activity!

Safety socks are required!


Our unique climbing pillars will give you plenty of skills to save the day. 

Safety Socks are required. 

Minimum height is 48 inches to play.

Power Jump

Calling all Protectors! Keep the world safe in this Awesome inflatable house with AMAZING FANTASTIC  obstacles! We will depend on you to get through the obstacle course to slide away and keep us safe! For ages 2 and up!
Safety Socks are required. 


How many legs do toddlers need to get through this Toddler City? If they are BRAVE, and if they like a good little HERO challenge, this course is for them!
Safety Socks are required. 


VILLAINS constantly at your heels? Need to climb higher to SAVE THE DAY? Our 5 unique climbing apparatus will give you plenty of skills to escape from those sneaky offenders!
Safety Socks are required.
Minimum height is 48 inches to play.

Volcano Climb and Slide

It’s getting hot! Test your climbing skills as you hike up the side of the Funtropolous city Volcano! Once you reach the top, enjoy a fun slide down the volcano!

Captain Fantastic’s
Donut Slide

You will slide away from your arch-enemies downhill in a secure, Super-strengthened “donut “ that lands you safely at the bottom of your hill. So have SUPER Fun getting away from the anti-heroes!
Safety Socks are required. 

Safety Policy


Although our socks DO look great on most everyone, our policy requires that ALL guests must wear specific, non-slip socks sold only at Lost Worlds Adventures locations. These non-skid safety socks need to meet our standards, so we can’t allow socks from other facilities.


Why is it required that all guest enjoying the largest play structure in Northern California wear specific Funtropolous socks?
a.) Because they are super stylish and go with most outfits
b.) Because, who doesn’t need a slip resistant pair of socks?
c.) Because we’re trying to corner the sock market.
d.) Because it’s our policy and we care very much about your health and safety!

If you answered “D” you’re right! (Although our socks DO look great on most everyone.) Our policy requires that all guests wear specific, non-slip socks sold only at Funtropolous for $3.95 and are available at the front counter. To assure that the socks meet our standards, we can’t allow socks from other facilities. We take seriously the responsibility to do our best to keep you safe. So, SOCK ON!